Oklahoma City - 5500 S Rockwell Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73179

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Address5500 S Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73179 

Pick up Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 4pm

Saturday CLOSED                         


Chat 32

Phone: 833.289.3533



Facilities:  No, truck stops located along I-40.

Notes: All transporters must approach and depart the facility from the North from the intersection of SW 44th St and 152 Service Road.  The southern approach requires crossing of a raised railway crossing and most trailers will bottom out and get stuck on the tracks.


See lot map below for location of gates, guard shacks, wholesale transport parking spaces, and location of wholesale department.  Please also note the traffic flow on the facility is unidirectional and highlighted in red.  Yellow arrows are painted on the lot to highlight direction.  Once parked in wholesale parking, the entrance to the wholesale department is straight behind your truck and is accessed through the 2nd walk-in door from the end of the building.


**This facility does not offer any after-hours parking available on site or in the immediate vicinity of the site.**


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