Trenton - 5506 Kennel Rd. Trenton, OH 45067

Map Confusion 56

Address: 5506 Kennel Rd. Trenton, OH 45067

Pick up Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm

Saturday CLOSED                         


Chat 32

Phone: 833.289.3533



Facilities: Yes, mask mandatory

Notes: Transporters will approach from either the East or West of Kennel Rd to arrive at the Trenton IC. The site is on the north side of this street located between Pierson and Wayne Madison Rd. Once you arrive, please proceed to the guard shack (photographed below) and inform them that you are a wholesale pickup. From there you will be directed to spots 1-4 in our hauler loading zone (photographed below). Once parked, a member of the wholesale team will approach your vehicle to verify paperwork and deliver your vehicle to you.




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