NEW! - Transportation services powered by Carvana

Carvana now offers transportation services for wholesale vehicles from ADESA Clear and Manheim. 


In addition to efficient and cost effective transport, buyers using our service receive these valuable benefits:

Extended arbitration terms - Opt for Carvana Transportation for your vehicle moves and enjoy an extended arbitration period of 72 hours from the moment of delivery. We're delighted to provide this added reassurance for claim submissions, considerably extending the standard 48-hour window.

Priority release - Buyers using Carvana Auction transport get ‘priority release’ of their vehicles at each of our 13+ wholesale sales sites. Your dispatched orders are forwarded to our release team so that they can have units ready to move. This makes the carriers happy and gets your cars moving more quickly. 

Dedicated Customer Support - In case of any issues at the pick up location.  Our team will quickly resolve the issue and get the necessary information from the responsible contacts on site. 

Call or Text 833-658-0806



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