NEW! - Transportation services for buyers powered by Carvana Auction

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Carvana Auction now offers transportation services for vehicles purchased online.

In addition to efficient transport, buyers using our service receive these valuable benefits:

Pricing power - Carvana’s hundreds of thousands of moves per year allow us to negotiate rates that aren’t available to those shipping low volumes of vehicles. We’re moving thousands of wholesale units plus all of our inbound purchases, internal moves and others. You get to piggyback on our pricing power.

Set it and forget it - Your purchases are auto-dispatched immediately after the auction ends. We give you back the time it takes on the phone for you to find your transporter, negotiate rates, track missed & late pickups, check transport status, etc.

Custom web portal - An online portal is created specifically for you to be able to track the status of all of your moves. You can also use your portal to add transport orders for units you buy from other sources. 

Monthly billing -  No need to worry about paying “Cash On Delivery” or tracking carrier billing ever again. We pay our third-party carriers on aggressive terms so they love to move our assigned vehicles. 

Priority release - Buyers using Carvana Auction transport get ‘priority release’ of their vehicles at each of our 13+ wholesale sales sites. Your dispatched orders are forwarded to our release team so that they can have units ready to move. This makes the carriers happy and gets your cars moving more quickly. 

Extended arbitration terms - When you use Carvana Auction transport services the arbitration period for your purchases begins when you receive the vehicle regardless of transport time. You also get an upgrade to 72 hours after receiving the vehicle to file a claim rather than the standard 48 hours.

To register your interest in using Carvana Auction transportation services, please click on the link below and we will call you back to discuss options for transportation.


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