Winder - 356 Atlanta Hwy NW Winder, GA 30680

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Address: 356 Atlanta HWY NW Winder, GA 30680

Pick up Hours: Monday - Friday, 7am - 3pm Closed during lunch : 11-12 pm 

Saturday CLOSED                         


Chat 32

Phone: 833.289.3533



Facilities: Yes, mask mandatory 

Notes: Please Call the Carvana Wholesale release team upon arrival notifying pickup (602-527-8470)

    • Be prepared to provide the following information via Text
      • Photo of driver’s license. 
      • Name of transport company 
      • Description of truck (i.e. : Red Freightliner )
      • Vehicle Release Form
  • Park in an available spot and Remain in the transport truck
  • Our available Transport Coordinator will provide further direction

*In the event of driving out with wholesale vehicle*

  • Park near the gate entrance toward the left in an available parking spot. *DO NOT PARK BEHIND THE BUILDING*
  • Once the vehicle is loaded, exit the facility.


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