Digital wholesale is all we do

We began our digital wholesale journey by launching the "Carvana Weekend Event Sale" on Manheim's OVE platform over five years ago. Since then we have grown exponentially to become the highest volume dealer seller on OVE having sold over 151,000 wholesale vehicles online in the the last 12 months alone. At the same time we have maintained our 5-Star rating on OVE for fulfilled sales and arbitration management.

All of the elements of that success are now rolled into where you can buy directly from Carvana.

We credit our succes to a highly focused Wholesale Operations team and a philosphy that allows wholesale buyers to be confident in both condition and pricing when buying online from Carvana. Our wholesale principles have been built in to Carvana Auction, including:

  • Starting Price = Reserve
    • We firmly believe there is no need to play games or waste your time with ridiculously low starting bids. Buyers have limited time to first research and then follow a vehicle's auction lifecycle from start to end. We don't want to waste that time by not disclosing what it takes for you to buy the vehicles you need for your inventory.
  • 90%+ First-Run Sales Rate
    • Along with our pricing strategy, our high sales rate is a reflection of the diversity of our national inventory. We have vehicles for every type of wholesale buyer in every value range available in over 15 locations coast-to-coast.
  • Broad access
    • As the nation's leading online auto retailer, our first instinct is to sell our wholesale inventory in an accessible, easy to use digital marketplace and that's exactly what we've built for you. The cars, trucks, vans and SUVs you see here will only be available online and have not been offered through a physical auction lane, nor will they.

We invite you to login to our event sale that begins each weekday at 4pm EST and ends 24 hours later. The sale beginning each Friday at 4pm EST goes through the weekend and ends each Monday at 4pm EST.


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